That Was Terrible But I’m Having A Great Time

Kaitlin surveys the campsite for the first time. Are those rain clouds on the horizon?

Kaitlin surveys the campsite for the first time. Are those rain clouds on the horizon?

I love to go outside. I love it whether it is hiking, camping, running or just walking around. As my children grow older I am trying to teach them to go outside as well. A big part of that is going camping.

My daughter and I decided to go to Carolina Beach State Park for a weekend of camping at the beach. It rained the entire time we were there! We drove through the rain, set up the gear in the rain, cooked dinner in the rain, etc. When it was time to head to the tent for the night I was looking forward to drying out.

We did well for the first few hours but I eventually woke up to water pouring in my face! The tent was letting in water all around us and it was flowing downhill to the door where all of our gear was piled up. I grabbed my daughter and we headed over to the car. After she was settled in the back seat I noticed that the shelter I had built over the picnic table had collapsed under the weight of all of the water that had fallen. Of course all of our gear underneath was thoroughly soaked. I finished collapsing the shelter in the rain, decided to leave it until the morning and climbed into the car myself.

The next morning I woke up early and started putting the campsite back together. It wasn’t raining so I tied up some dry lines and put out all of our sleeping gear to start drying. Of course, the rain moved back in and quickly soaked everything (again). I decided at that point (after checking the weather) to call it and start packing the gear up.

I was walking around the camp in a pretty dark mood. EVERYTHING was soaked (myself included) and I was thinking about the lost weekend. I heard my daughter climb out of the car and start looking around the campsite. I explained to her that everything was wet, it was going to rain all day and that I didn’t have any way to dry our gear. I feared she would be disappointed and tried to break it to her easy (even though I wasn’t really feeling it).

After hearing the news she said “I just spent the night in the car! That was terrible but I’m still having a great time!” I chuckled a bit, thought about my own bad attitude and learned an important lesson. Sometimes you have clear weather and sometimes it won’t stop raining. What’s important isn’t the weather, it’s how you handle it. We laughed about the rain together, ate breakfast and then started packing up. I’ll leave out the dead car battery. That’s a story for another time.

It turned out to be a great trip after all!

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Collaborating Online With Google Hangouts and Drive Webinar

This is the last of the four webinars that I produced for our clergy. This topic covers Google+, Hangouts and Drive. I hope that our clergy will find this useful in figuring out how to use these important collaboration tools.

On a personal note, scheduling four webinars for the same week was a bit aggressive. Perhaps future episodes should be spaced out a bit more.

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Boston Strong


My prayers have been with the people of Boston for the last week. I can’t imagine the pain of the people who were injured in the bombing. As a runner myself I have a family that waits for me at the end of races. All runners are a family. It takes a special kind of drive to get out every day and run as far as we do. It took even more drive to get up and run the day after these terrible attacks. These bombs won’t stop us from running forward. Nothing will. God be with the people of Boston and the families of the injured during this difficult time.


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Managing A High Volume Mailbox Webinar

This is the third of four online training webinars that I am working on at work. We are starting this new emphasis on empowering our clergy using the Google+ Hangout system. We suffered a glitch in the webinar today where it didn’t seem to be recording the first few minutes to the archive. I noticed that it had glitched during the presentation and started it up at somewhere around the 12-14 minute mark. The archive missed the introduction as well as a description of the major browsers. The main part of the discussion was preserved.

In case you are wondering, you should use Google Chrome for everything. Period.

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Introduction To Gmail Webinar

This is the second of four online training webinars that we are working on for the members of our Annual Conference. This session covers the basic features of Gmail as well as walking through all of the configuration settings. You can find out more about the webinar schedule here:

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Technology 101 Webinar

We are experimenting at work with technology webinars delivered over the Google+ Hangout system. This was the first of four that I am working on this week. It’s a very basic discussion of the history of technology, where are are now and a brief overview of social networks and hardware options. The class is designed for our clergy that want more of an overview of various technology topics. It was well received when I went on a recent training trip so I thought I would repackage it here for online viewing. You can find out more about the webinar schedule here:

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Be Careful What You Delete


I’m not sure what that middle option means but it sure seems scary…


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